Admission Criteria

We welcome new registrations particularly at the start but also throughout the academic year. A small assessment of your child may be carried out prior to admission. This helps to ensure that we are able to meet every child's individual needs. Children of any nationality, belief or race who have been so assessed would be admitted based on available spaces. All admission decisions of the nursery are final.

Admission Process - Overview

Initially a short Online Enquiry Form should be submitted or directly at the nursery should you prefer. Following your submission the nursery admissions office/ Vice Principal will contact you to discuss your needs and will advise you on availability of spaces and the admission process. We will also encourage you to come and visit the nursery and should you wish to book a visit to the nursery, you could request the admissions office to arrange the same for you. Once you have indicated that you wish to take up a place you will be asked to complete a full Application Pack as well as provide original documentation. For any assistance required, the nursery admissions team may be contacted at

Click here for the Online Application Form

Original Documents

Please be aware that the following original documents and supporting copies must be provided for all children who wish to attend the Nursery:

  • One copy of the student's and parents' current and valid passport
  • One copy of student's and parents' current and valid UAE residence visa
  • One copy of the student's birth certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • One copy of the student's EID card
  • Four (4) passport sized photographs (colour) of the student
  • Latest copy of the student's Medical Immunisation Record
  • Completed and signed copy of the Application Pack
  • Signed copy of the Terms and Conditions

Note: Confirmation of your child's place will be issued once all information identified above and payment of the appropriate fee has been received.

Age Guidelines

As students may join our nursery from various countries and educational systems around the world, the exact age requirements for each year group varies. Children must be 12 months old and less than 4 years old at the time of registration at the start of the academic year. If children are assessed as developmentally ready for being promoted to the next age grouping during the academic year, the recommendation for promotion will be discussed with the parent at the time and promotion will take place after receiving parental approval.

Admission Processing

The time required to process admission applications varies depending on the attendance requested and the documentation provided. Children and parents are required to meet with the Vice Principal to assess the child's suitability and degree of readiness to start at nursery. Where appropriate, the child's report from his/her previous setting might be required. Please note that we are unable to provide for children with special needs/disabilities. Where requests are made, they will be decided on a case by case basis in conjunction with authorisation from the Ministry of Education.

Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly places, as well as the normal term sessions, will be offered. All the required documentation should be submitted at the nursery and the required fee must be paid before a child can be left at the nursery. A holiday camp may be offered during the summer holiday and/or winter and spring breaks dependent on demand.

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